New Club Name – Sochin Karate Club

Over the last year the club has changed training location and moved away from their original home at Canterbury Christ Church University, and are now regularly training at St Mary Bredin Hall. Over time we have come to realise that the location where the club trains is important, however it is the members who regularly train together that make up the spirit of the club.

For this reason, Christ Church Karate Club renamed themselves as Sochin Karate Club.

We are still in the process of changing our name, starting with this website, following with updating our social media accounts and general listings online.

Changing our club name reflects the membership of the club which includes:

  • Students and staff from Canterbury Christ Church University
  • People who work in, and around Canterbury City
  • Members of the Shotokan Connect karate association.

We warmly welcome students and staff from other institutions in the area, including Kent University, Canterbury College, alongside people who live and work in Canterbury and surrounding areas.

We firmly believe that karate is a lifelong endeviour, which makes it different from other sports and physical activities, and everyone who trains in karate has breaks from time to time.

Whether you are new to karate, or have taken a long break in training and are looking to return, we will support you in achieving your training goals. If you’d like more information about the club, email [email protected] or come along on one of our training nights to meet us and join in a session.