Shotokan Kata

Different styles of karate all use kata to help students train in a variety of ways, including:

  • Practicing of individual techniques,
  • Practicing of sequences of techniques,
  • Improving control of the body,
  • Improving control of breathing,
  • Learning the application of different techniques,
  • and more benefits besides…

Traditional Shotokan Karate has a total of 26 kata, split into the Heian, or ‘beginner’ kata’s, and the main complete kata. The role of heian kata are to introduce students into different concepts and techniques before they are then taught in a greater depth through the more advanced non-heian kata.

The heian kata include:

In addition, to these 5 kata, beginners will learn Kihon Kata – a simplistic kata that introduces the concept of kata to people who have never done Shotokan Karate before.

A full list of all Shotokan kata can be found at